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Elliott-Bateman Curries

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Authentic Elliott-Bateman Curry Kitchen meals. A taste of India delivered to you!

  • Beef Vindaloo Boxed 400g
    Beef Vindaloo Boxed 400g
    Incl gst $11.95
    Beef Vindaloo is a highly spiced vinegar-based curry, full of flavour. A popular curry from Goa that blends Indian and Portuguese cuisine to create a meal that is rich and deliciously flavoursome.   Beef...

  • Butter Chicken Curry
    Butter Chicken Boxed 400g
    Incl gst $11.95
    Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhani). A rich aromatically spiced curry. Succulent Chicken pieces in a creamy, tomato-based sauce. A hugely popular curry and much-loved favourite.   Butter Chicken Boxed...

  • Satay Chicken Curry 400gm
    Chicken Satay Boxed 400g
    Incl gst $11.95
    Chicken pieces in a spicy Indonesian peanut flavoured sauce. Perfect with rice or use to make Gado-gado: Lightly steam vegetable pieces, toss with beansprouts & sliced fried egg, top with Satay...

  • Lamb Rogan Josh Boxed 400g
    Lamb Rogan Josh Boxed 400g
    Incl gst $11.95
    A Rich Red Curry from Kashmir. Integrated with yoghurt and highly spiced. Tender pieces of Lamb, hearty and mouth-wateringly delicious.   Lamb Rogan Josh Boxed (400gm) NUTRITION...

  • Malay Chicken Boxed 400g
    Malay Chicken Boxed 400g
    Incl gst $11.95
    Malay Chicken Curry is a sweet, luscious, mildly spiced Chicken curry with pineapple and cashew nuts. A blend of Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian influences.   Malay Chicken Boxed (400gm) NUTRITION...

  • Pea & Cheese (Mattar Paneer)
    Pea & Cheese Boxed 400g
    Incl gst $11.95
    Pea & Cheese (Mattar Paneer). A light, refreshing, tomato-based curry. The cheese is a home-made curd cheese, cut into cubes and fried golden. Tasty and satisfying. A very popular vegetarian curry.   Pea...

  • Rice Cooked 1Kg
    Rice Cooked 1Kg
    Incl gst $8.00
        Rice Cooked 1Kg NUTRITION INFORMATION   Servings per package:   5   Serving size:   200g   Average Quantity per Serving Average...

  • Tripe & Onion Boxed 400g
    Tripe & Onion Boxed 400g
    Incl gst $11.95
    Tripe & Onions cooked the old-fashioned way. Tender pieces of honeycomb tripe with a tasty white parsley sauce. Traditionally made. Eaten and enjoyed by ardent Tripe lovers.   Tripe & Onion Boxed...