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Heating our Meals


We don't need to add any preservatives because we package our tradionally prepared meals using advanced technology within clever & versatile USFDA approved modified atmosphere skin packaging.

(This is clever technology designed to properly protect the food from spoilage and ensure your safety)

What makes this packaging so different?

Made of a highly permable material that maximises the quality life of perishable products. So the product can go directly from the shopping bag to the microwave. Or the freezer, thanks to our special vacuum skin format - the same format that smartly conforms to the contour of the products within the meal.

Skin packaged using food grade skin film traps in the natural properties of the food, we also remove the oxygen to inhibit spoilage. While heating the steam created by the microwave is trapped and therefore flavour is retained and the meal heats  perfectly.

The top film can be easily peeled off and the meal plated for service.

Heating simple guide:

Fresh Meals
(Heating meals that have thawed from your freezer)

  • Microwave : Heat on Medium / High for approx 2 & 1/2 minutes

Frozen Meals
(Heating frozen meals from your freezer)

  • Microwave : Heat on Medium / High for approx 5-6 minutes

After heating the meals

Rest the meal for 2 minutes before peeling off the skin packing

Be careful and allow some of the steam to escape before plating

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